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Is this the worst time of year to have a baby?

Expecting a baby around the holidays, can be especially tough. Not only is this one of the busiest times of year, but it comes with a lot of stress and pressure. A lot of women and their families are worried about the baby being born on Christmas day. There are holiday parties and family get togethers, traditions and even pregnant moms who are expected to host these. That is a lot of pressure! Have you ever heard someone say that they prefer the baby be born this year for the tax deduction?

To add to this, the doctors themselves have all of these coming up as well. Therefore, the holidays are the biggest times for inductions. The hospitals are packed the days before Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years. In fact, the least common birthdays are Christmas Day, New Years Day, and Christmas Eve. This is not just a coincidence. December 20th ranks 11th most common and December 29th ranks 15th (How Common is your Birthday? Article). Babies do not know what day it is, so it is evident that mom's are choosing induction or their doctors are pushing for it.

Hopefully, you can block out all of these pressures, because it can also be the best time of year to have a baby. What better gift than to snuggle with your newborn? It is also the time of year when we tend to stay indoors, snuggled up- perfect for recovering from birth and family bonding. And if you do give birth on one of these holidays, the hospitals are quiet and less crowded. At births around the holidays, it feels so much more relaxed since your nurse may be taking care of only you or maybe one other mom.

One other benefit is that doulas don't take holidays off! We have attended births on every holiday including our children's birthdays. It only makes those births all the more special! What has been your experience with having a baby around a holiday?

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