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Rebekah Bissell

Rebekah is a certified Childbirth Educator, Postpartum Doula, and Breastfeeding Counselor through Childbirth International. She began attending births as a certified doula after her VBAC in 2012, and retired from attending births in 2023.  She has been supporting birthing families since 2011. 

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My Story

Hello! I  discovered a love for supporting mothers & babies, and their families, after noticing the great need for support through my own vastly different birth and breastfeeding experiences. I have four children: a daughter born by c-section, and three sons born at home (HBAC). Three of my four babies had tongue ties of varying severity. My husband and I  took the decisions for each labor and birth under careful research,  prayer, and consideration. Grateful for the support and access to options provided by the local birth community, I work to enable autonomy and client education for each family I serve. I am certified through Childbirth International as a Postpartum Doula, Breastfeeding Counselor, and Childbirth Educator.

POSTPARTUM DOULA: I have been supporting mothers since 2012 and caring for babies since 2009. I have experience with babies of a variety of different needs and temperaments, including preemies, high birthweight babies, and babies with reflux. I also have experience and training with tongue and lip tie with or without revision, bottle feeding, pumping, exploring sleep solutions, understanding baby's cues and cries, and helping fully bottle fed babies relearn how to feed at the breast. In my work, I draw upon years of experience, training, and continuing education to support families as they seek help with breastfeeding, sleep routines and practices, baby wearing, feeding, mother care, and general newborn and infant care. Whether you need someone there to take care of baby while you catch up on sleep or to help with breastfeeding, I bring a gentle and creative heart to work alongside you and find solutions to your challenges.

LACTATION SUPPORT: I became interested in supporting breastfeeding mothers after I first experienced the challenges and beauty of breastfeeding in 2009. With my first baby, I  struggled through 15 months of painful breastfeeding to discover later that my baby had a severe anterior tongue tie, undiagnosed and untreated in spite of lactation and pediatric consultations. Two years later I experienced breastfeeding a baby with full ability to latch and remove milk. That's when I knew I wanted to join the breastfeeding support community!

I have experience with getting baby back to the breast after a season of pumping and bottle feeding, keeping supply up while exclusively pumping, managing and eliminating pain during feeds, maximizing and measuring milk transfer during feeds, managing oversupply and undersupply, fine tuning latch mechanics, and finding creative solutions to most breastfeeding challenges that arise. I exclusively offer home visits of 1-4 hours at this time.

I am certified through Childbirth International as a Postpartum Doula, Breastfeeding Counselor, and Childbirth Educator.

Services Offered

Postpartum Doula
Lactation Support
Childbirth Education



$35/ hour Postpartum Doula Support

Breastfeeding Support:

$50/first visit, $35/hour after the first visit


"Rebekah has been phenomenal throughout my entire breastfeeding journey with both of my kids. She was able to meet in person when I had my first baby and helped me feel confident in my ability to feed my daughter. Rebekah has always been available for quick questions and advice, and is more than willing to help when needed. She has also supported me through my second breastfeeding journey and has help work out any kinks I’ve had along the way. I would highly recommend Rebekah to anyone who is planning on or is currently breastfeeding, even if you feel like you’ve got it down, she’s a wonderful resource to have on hand and will make you feel the most confident and successful during your breastfeeding journey." Beth Anne Wilkerson

"My initial meeting with Rebekah occurred through her child birthing class after which I felt calm and confident leading up to my due date. I unexpectedly required an induction for preeclampsia and reunited with Rebekah five weeks postpartum when I sought her help as a postpartum doula. To say she has been helpful is an understatement - she has been essential in my postpartum recovery and journey as a first time mother. Both my husband and I seek Rebekah’s advice and counseling and trust her implicitly with the wellbeing of our daughter.

I cannot imagine the newborn phase without her and going into the next state of infant hood, Rebekah has always been present and available for any questions or concerns I have had. Specifically, she has helped us set up a safe and comfortable night sleeping situation, counseled me through contact naps, educated me on baby wearing, has seen us through various growth spurts and overall has eased a lot of anxiety I have experienced postpartum. Rebekah began as an educator and a doula and now she is a member of our family. I now can say I am confident in my status as a mother and it would not have been as easy without Rebekah in our lives."

- Lauren

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