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Danielle Sollars- Birth Photography

Through her doula work, Danielle fell in love with capturing the beauty of new beginnings.   From those first tiny cries to the overwhelming love in parents' eyes, she'll freeze time by documenting every precious moment.  Whether it's a home or hospital birth, her lens is ready to capture all the joy and emotion of your baby's arrival.  So if you're looking for someone who will document your incredible journey with love and creativity, look no further - she's got you covered! 


Contact for Booking
and Questions 


• Your $900 investment secures me
to be on call for your birth. 
• You will receive 50-80 edited images 


Frequently Asked Questions
Can’t my partner or nurse take pictures? 
They could, but they'll be focused on helping you. They could miss some of the most memorable moments that you'll never get back. Having a birth photographer that's focused on professionally documenting the entire process is essential to getting images that will tell your birth story and be treasured for years to come. 
Do you use flash photography during birth? 

No, I use natural and available light.  Flash can disrupt the birth environment.  If there is a lack of available light, I will use a flash as a last resort.
Do you edit every image? 
Yes! Every image that captures your birth story will be edited by hand.
Do you provide color or black and white images? 
I usually provide color images.  However, sometimes an image or entire gallery captures the story better when it's in black and white.  So this is at my discretion, but you can share your preferences with me.
What if I require a Cesarean birth? 
I will usually be allowed to go into the operating room, although it is up to the doctor and hospital staff. You can advocate for me to be present with you. This is something we can discuss further when we meet. 
What if I schedule a Cesarean birth? 
Even if you know you will have a scheduled C-section, it is highly recommended that you have birth photography! You can talk with your care providers ahead of time to let them know you plan on me being there to photograph the birth.

Are you going to post my pictures on the Internet? 
I will ask your permission to post some photos and give you a photo release to sign. You may also state specifics of what you wish to have posted or not posted. 
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