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Heather Leggett

Heather is a birth and postpartum Doula. She attends both home and hospital births. Heather has a passion, dedication and calling to care for new moms and newborns. As a birth doula, she provides support, education and overall comfort during pregnancy and birth. In her field as a postpartum Doula, she assists  with breast-feeding tips, meal prep/meal planning, light cleaning and will snuggle a baby while mom naps! Heather is certified through A Woman Who Serves doula training.

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My Story

My name is Heather and being a Birth and Postpartum Doula is so much more than a job to me. It’s a passion, a calling and a dedication. Before becoming a doula, I found myself captivated by my friends' birth stories! I have two children who are now married. So, when our “nest” was empty, I completed my doula certification to serve women in birth and postpartum.


I truly believe that birth is a unique experience in every way! I also believe that every mom deserves to feel encouraged and empowered through every step. I'm ready to walk this journey with mothers, from words of affirmation to massaging mom's feet.   Every mom is different, so every mom’s birth experience is going to be exclusive to her.


Whether your plan is a hospital birth or a home birth, I will be committed to providing you with continual physical, emotional and informational support. After your little one has arrived, I can also offer breastfeeding tips and other helpful information that will help you navigate this amazing new journey!

Heather's Services

Birth Doula

Postpartum Doula



$800 Doula Services
$35/hour Postpartum Services

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