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Preparing for Childbirth

This is a one day 6 hour group class taught by Kate Steward. She will cover the labor process, comfort measures, and the first hour after birth. The main  focus is on empowering you and your partner to be involved in decision making during your birth experience.  

Perfect for those looking for a quick course which will educate and empower you!

We will cover birth preparation, empowerment, the stages of labor, challenges & interventions, and the first hour of life including breastfeeding. While there is no particular method promoted in this class, we believe and follow the ICEA motto- "Freedom to make decisions based on knowledge of alternatives in family-centered maternity and newborn care." 

The Plumtree Preparing for Birth Manual, as well as handouts, are provided for you to learn more at home.  The class is centered around a powerpoint, class discussion, games/practice, and videos. 

Classes are kept small with 3-5 couples. There are couches, chairs, and birth balls for seating. You are encouraged to bring other items for comfort- yoga mat, pillows, or blankets. Snacks are provided and may include cheese & crackers, trail mix, hummus, fruit, and veggies. You are asked to bring your own drink and lunch.

Your Instructor

Kate Steward is a DONA certified birth doula and mother of 3, including twins. Kate has been working in the childbirth field since 2019 and is adding childbirth educator to her services. Classes are in Rising Fawn, GA.


For questions, contact Kate at or 423-260-0434.


$350 6 hour group class

$60/hour private class (virtual or in person)

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