Melody Kelley  CD(DONA)

Availability: November & December 2022, Jan-April 2023, July-Dec 2023

Services Offered:  Birth Doula, Postpartum Doula

Investment: $850 birth services, $25/hr postpartum services

Contact Information:

Call or text (423) 508-4848

I have been passionate about birth since I was 13 when I attended the birth of my younger brother. Being the oldest in my family, it allowed me to attend births of aunts, cousins, and eventually friends. Witnessing many different types of labors and births helped me to realize that everyone views labor and birth a little differently and every woman and family should be supported to have the day they so desire. It wasn’t until a doula attended the birth of my best friend that I learned what a doula was. I was intrigued by all things having to do with birth and the ability to educate, empower, and advocate for women and families on informed
decision making for their special day. I gave birth to my first son, Landon, in November of 2000. I then gave birth to my second son, Logan, in June 2004. My mother was my acting doula in both labors and without her support and education I would’ve never allowed my body to transform in the way our bodies have the ability to. I was encouraged to become certified in 2017 by a midwife at a birth I was attending. I leaped in and immediately started studying and walking through that process with DONA International to complete my certification. This is
when I started to attend births and provide postpartum care for those outside of family and friends. I love that I chose to pursue an area I am so passionate about as it has allowed me to meet so many wonderful families- some I now call friends.