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Heather Leggett CD

Services Offered:  Birth Doula

Investment:  $800

Contact Information:

Call or text 423-653-9939

Heather believes that birth is a celebration! She is certified

through A Woman Who Serves Doula Training. She is also a

wife and a mom of two grown children. Heather’s goal is to

make expectant moms feel empowered and have a memorable

birth experience whatever that may look like.


She also believes that birth is unique in every way! Heather will

take the time to get to know you and your husband, provide

comfort measures and encourage you throughout the whole

process. Studies show that when labor feels safe, relaxed and

comfortable it progresses much faster.


Whether you are planning to have a hospital birth or a home

birth, Heather is committed to providing you with continual

physical, emotional and informational support on every level.

After the baby is born, she can also offer breastfeeding tips and

other information to help you in the first few weeks of this

wonderful journey.

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