Drexel Bond  CD(DONA)

2022 Availability: September-December 2022

Services Offered:  Postpartum Doula

Investment:  $25/hr postpartum services

Contact Information:

Call or text (423) 316-9950

Drexel has been interested in pregnancy, birth, and babies for most of her life. When one of her close friends became pregnant in 2012, she was able to walk along side and support her through the whole experience. After this, Drexel decided to pursue becoming a doula. She immersed herself in all things birth, reading anything and everything that she could get her hands on and talking with mothers about their personal birth experiences. She trained with DONA International and received her certification in 2017. She believes in empowering mothers and families by supporting them in the birth that they desire. It is her passion to educate, inform, and encourage mothers and their partners to play an active role in their pregnancy and birth.

In November of 2014, she gave birth to her son Henry with the help of an incredible birth team. In 2017, she had her daughter Wells at home with a wonderful midwife and the support of her family and two Birth Chattanooga doulas. She truly believes that the birth experience sets the tone for motherhood and it is her desire to help make the experience positive and empowering.