Birth Doula Services

Giving birth to a baby is so much more than a physical experience. It is a key life event full of emotion and meaning.  Doulas understand this and help to enhance your experience while improving outcomes.  A birth doula works with mom and partner to carry out your birth plan and facilitate communication with your care provider.  A doula will be a continuous presence offering physical comfort measures, emotional support, and information to aid in making informed decisions. Our goal is to create a culture of care for women in the greater Chattanooga area and to increase awareness of the doula profession.

Doulas Improve Outcomes!


Women who have the continuous support of a doula:

  • have shorter labors with less need for pitocin or forceps/vacuum

  • are less likely to request pain medication or epidurals

  • have a 28% decrease in the risk of C-section

  • Babies have better apgar scores and less need for special care after birth

  •  have greater satisfaction with the birth experience and greater success in breastfeeding


 Birth Services:  $850

  • Two prenatal meetings

  • Birth Plan consultation

  • Prenatal and postpartum informational support

  • Labor support at home and/or the hospital

  • Breastfeeding Support

  • One postpartum visit

 *Uncertified doulas offer a discount.

See our packages for specials on postpartum support and additional services!

"Thank you for your comfort, wisdom, sound advice, and calming spirit. No doubt our experience would have been very different if we hadn't worked with you."
~ Tara R.