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Birth and Beyond Class

This course is perfect for those looking to learn about the birth process as well as preparing for the postpartum time period. 


We will cover the factors that affect labor, the stages of labor, and preparing for a positive birth. This course also covers all aspects of the postpartum period including hygiene, basic needs and support, emotions, and feeding your baby. 

This class is kept smaller to include 5 couples or 10 participants. There are couches for seating and pillows and blankets available for use. Drinks are provided and include coffee, tea and water. Feel free to bring a snack for yourself or to share with the class. 


Your Instructor

Rebekah Bissell is a certified childbirth educator through Childbirth International and maintains her Diploma in Childbirth Education. Her goal is to enrich your experience by equipping you with evidence, information and practical support. Rebekah has been working as a doula and childbirth educator since 2011 and is a mother to four children. To schedule or for questions, contact Rebekah at


Private classes:  8 hour class in person or virtual, can be split between days. $300 plus $25/hr travel time.

To schedule, contact Rebekah directly.

Location: Collegedale, TN

 One thing that helped me SO much during my delivery was Jonathan reminding me to "trust my instinct" because of the story you told us. I was fighting my instinct because I had in my head that labor would be long because this was my first baby but it happened so fast I doubted whether I should really be pushing (until my body gave me no choice but to push). In two contractions our son was born.
Jonathan and I are super grateful for your help in preparing us for this journey. ~Moriah

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