Belinda McCowan

Birth Doula

Belinda joined Birth Chattanooga in September 2017. As a mother of four biological children, she has a range of birth experiences of her own, from induction and pain medications to midwife-hot tub-birth center! After attending the birth of a friend's child and then shadowing with our own Amy Poarch, Belinda was hooked! Belinda has now supported nine births as the lead doula, with experience in VBAC, Cesarean, medicated, unmedicated, and home births. Belinda is certifying through Childbirth International as a birth doula.


She is passionate about making sure families have evidence-based information and improving the care women receive during birth. She works tirelessly to make sure families have the best possible care during their births. She is a voracious researcher and has poured countless hours into studying and expanding her own knowledge in many areas so that she can be better prepared to pass that information on to her clients who have entrusted this valuable time to her. Accurate information and strong-but-gentle care are very important to her, and her friends say these are her specialties.


As a teen mom herself, Belinda has a soft spot in her heart for other teen moms. She has also experienced life as a military spouse, as her husband was in the Navy for over six years. Belinda homeschools their four children and enjoys sharing information in an age-appropriate manner to help siblings understand their new family member's arrival. Because of the way Belinda's own mom supported her and her then-boyfriend-now-husband through the birth of their first child, Belinda strongly believes in supporting the preferences of each family, whether that means supporting the birth partner as they support the birthing partner, standing in for the supporting partner, or supporting the birth-giver as the sole birth partner. Belinda's non-birth-related interests include knitting, crochet, hosting foreign exchange students, movies, music, and the outdoors.